About WHRN

WHRN provides information on primary and specific healthcare services in the rural & frontier communities of Wyoming. WHRN maintains an extensive and current database on Wyoming healthcare facilities and their need for professionals.

Some of Wyoming’s most popular and highest-paying jobs are in the healthcare field. Options include family practice physician, endocrinologist, surgeon, internal medicine physician, neurologist, anesthesiologist, clinical therapist, oncology outpatients manager, and recovery nurse.

WHRN believes that recruitment and successful placements occur when doctors and organizations receive the informed and personalized attention that is deserved and expected.

Find Your Perfect Practice Site

Wyoming Health Resources Network (WHRN) is here to help professionals find the perfect practice site. We will work at no cost to you to match you with the organization or community that offers the most benefit to all involved. We are your asset for relocation assistance in Wyoming – find your best job before moving!


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