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Wyoming Health Resources Network (WHRN) serves Healthcare Professionals who are looking for employment opportunities that fit their professional & lifestyle preferences.

Our free recruitment services ensure that employers and job seekers have access to a wide range of opportunities. Working with WHRN gives you access to a network not available to online search engines. WHRN has exclusive access to the WWAMI and Wyoming WICHE healthcare professional database to help you find the best fit for your organization. And unlike online job search platforms, we provide detailed job openings that go beyond what you’ll find on sites like Indeed.

Founded in 1995, WHRN is a 501(c)3 non-profit staffing agency & recruitment network funded primarily by the Wyoming Office of Rural Health. We’re proud to stay knowledgeable about Wyoming’s current healthcare systems, rural & frontier recruitment, & healthcare staffing retention. Popular Wyoming work opportunities include Physician jobs, Nurse Practitioner jobs, and Family MD jobs. Find more jobs here…

Some of the Benefits to Working with WHRN

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Rural Healthcare Development

We work closely with the Wyoming Office of Rural Health to help develop rural healthcare opportunities, making a difference in countless lives. The Office of Rural Health seeks to enhance access to quality healthcare in rural and frontier Wyoming, and through our partnership, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to make a significant impact in underserved areas. It’s their organization that funds this 501(c)3 non-profit.
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Save on Marketing for Your Next Hire

Finding and hiring qualified healthcare professionals can be a daunting and expensive task, especially for clinics and healthcare facilities with limited budgets. But with WHRN, you can tap into a network of highly skilled healthcare professionals without spending a single dollar on marketing. Clinics can even find Primary Care Providers at no cost…

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J1 Recruitment

This is an important aspect in the healthcare community. While every state is allocated 30 openings for J1 placements, Wyoming often has available spots due to its low population. This presents a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking J1 placement, as Wyoming is more likely to have openings compared to other states. If you’re looking for a J1 placement, Wyoming might just have the spot you’re looking for!

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The WHRN Mission

To help improve and enhance rural health services and promote healthier individuals and communities in Wyoming. Our goal is to match healthcare professionals with hospitals, clinics, and facilities that have open physician jobs and other healthcare positions... Click to submit a contact form if you're seeking employment.

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There are many questions about living in Wyoming. If you enjoy hunting, fishing, golf, motorsports, hiking, history, snow sports, team sports, solitude, or counting the stars in wide-open spaces, you will want to call Wyoming home for a higher quality of life. Click to find out more.

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Income Opportunities

Wyoming has no state income tax and the cost of living is much lower in comparison to other western states. Even better, there are high-demand and high-paying jobs in a strong healthcare system. We answer many questions like this… click to contact us.

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